Empowering Healthcare by building innovation led solutions

Empowering healthcare through innovation-led solutions is an essential aspect of advancing the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services. By developing solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes, optimize their operations, and enhance their ability to deliver high-quality care.

We offer a variety of healthcare services including:

Setting an offshore software development center requires time, effort, and money, so one should think and plan before making the final decision. Here are some points how we help you as your Offshore Development Center.

Healthcare Management Software - Enterprise products and Apps

Consulting for building of big enterprise products like Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practise..

Hospital Management System - Consulting and Design

Developing complete healthcare record management and hospital management.

Surescripts integration / E-prescription

eRx integration or e-prescription implementation between EHR and Surescripts for US based..

Practice Management Application Development

Custom Software development for capturing patient demographics, appointment scheduling..

Consulting and Design

Developing a complete healthcare record management and hospital management system (HMS) and Healthcare Information System (HIS) for the largest private hospital chain in Vietnam.




Appointment Scheduling

OPD Management



Labor and Delivery


Operation Room

Notifications, AlertsĀ 

In Patient Management (ADT)

Security Management

Enterprise products and Apps consulting

Consulting for building of big enterprise products like Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practise Management System (PMS), designing complete provider/ doctor consultation sessions over mobile apps.

HIE compliant custom Solution consulting and development

Build vs Buy Analysis and Product comparison Analysis

Complete prototype development