Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases.

Enterprise IT, also known as enterprise-class IT, is hardware and software designed to meet the demands of a large organization. In comparison to consumers and small companies, an enterprise has greater requirements for availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security, among other things.

Why US?

SMatrix Systems offers web and mobile enterprise solutions to empower, develop and transform your company with a guaranteed excellent experience and smooth business transformation. Our enterprise solutions are extremely scalable and flexible, helping clients to remain competitive by reacting quickly to market changes

Make use of profound knowledge with specialisation in processes and tools.

Maintain agility to alter.

Standardization to allow scaling manifold.

Versatile eco-systems: mobile, internet, intranet and personal networks.

Deploy hyper-tailored apps for your company DNA & business objectives.

Accelerate ‘ Time-To-Value’ by quickly, readily and safely enabling alternatives.

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Benefits of Customized Enterprise IT Solutions

The advantages presented by customized Enterprise IT Solutions, like ERP, are

Business process optimization & standardization.

Elimination of unnecessary information and activities.

No duplicate documents are preserved, i.e. no redundancy.

Organization has a single, unified, enhanced scheme of assessment and reporting for each phase.

Enables team members to concentrate on duties that affect revenue.

Robust, reliable and secure systems

Types Of Enterprise Software

Enterprise software can be categorized by business function as shown below:

Business intelligence

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Product data management (PDM)

Business process management

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Networking and Information Security

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Supply chain management (SCM)